T8 Sports Teams. And Athletes

To join the T8 sports team, please email pictures of your sport to T8sports@gmail.com
Then we will decide which team you fit on.

Sports We Sponsor All Disciplines

Racing (cars, stock, gokarts etc.)
Mountain Bike

And Occasionally team sports.

Our Core 4 are_________________Team #1____________Team #2
Other just teams have mixed sports.

If you're on Team #1 you will get a profile and free stuff occasionally, team 2 keep moving up.

We have 5 levels of sponsorship and then the Teams you will get a level and if we feel a team also no matter what level you are, the teams have riders of all levels.

1. Private (20 Riders)

The privates are our core and they get 10% off for that along with private stickers.

2. Soldier (15 Riders)

Soldiers get 15-20% off gear and soldier stickers.

3. Captain (10 Riders)

Captains get 25% off gear and photos on our sites, along with free captain stickers. They also get access to level one of special rider gear not available for others.

4. Major (8 Riders)

We like our majors they are like our AMs they show excellent knowledge in their sports and are rewarded for that with getting 40% off, free products and special rider items on level two, and cooler stickers for our majors.

5. General (5 Riders (Not Including Hannah and Kirk our Pros)

This is our top riders PROs and other really good riders we like. They show the best loyalty and dedication along with some of the best skill. Don't Worry if you're not the best rider, you can still make it on this level we just need to see you stand out. You need to show us photos and results.


Hannah "Cipher" Tarrant
Kirk Douglass



Nathan Bohonek


Other Talents
Nico R